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Vitamix 5200 Review – Juicer blender


As the technology is evolving every day something exciting is introduced in the market that makes our life easier. Technologists are working in every field of life to assure that you will get the facilities that you deserve.

In the kitchen, every individual wants something that will make the work easier because there is so much to do. To make everything work perfectly there has been the juicer blender introduced in the market. It is an innovational device that makes it easy to blend everything together with perfection whether you are cooking something or making a smoothie there is no need to cut items when you can add them to the juicer blender and get the perfect puree.

Recently, VITAMIX 5200 has been introduced in the market and it grabbed the attention of all the chefs because of the amazing performance and sturdy design. Here we have everything you need to know about the amazing product. The main places top places to purchase this juicer vitamix 5200 at costco


VITAMIX 5200 blender will not come alone and there is a reason that it is known as the all in one juicer blender. You will receive the item with a proper base support on which you can keep it. There is a string lid that will keep the items secure so that you will not have to worry about spilling the items when you are blending.

The style of the blender is the front and the base. The is two-speed adjusting dials in the middle of that controls the speed and they can go as quick or as moderate as you need. The controls on side are easy to adjust, and the other side is a control for the speed. This is one of the recognizing attributes of the Vitamix, from other blender items, as well as from every single other blender out available today. It’s exceptionally modified capability.

The jug and top have been to a great extent enhanced in the 5200, and emerge from the other product offering. It is more innovational and safe, ideal for making items other than shakes like soups. It’s additionally calmer while you are mixing your smoothie or different items , and has no BPA regularly found in polycarbonate and low quality plastic.

Another exceptional highlight of the 5200 is how its new compartment holds the quantity of the items. It effectively can hold content up to 68 ounces and 2 liters that you will see increased on the compartment for exact estimation. It’s extremely decent to not need to figure the measure of sustenance that you are going into your juicer blender when you are cooking from a special dish particular ingredients for substantial gatherings of individuals. In spite of the fact that, the “maximum” line is at 68 ounces, the jug can really hold 80 (10 mugs). There is a gush at the highest point of the compartment, that is utilized for powerful pouring and honestly claims to be no trickling

Back to the edges. Every cutting edge is around 1.25 inches in length. If necessary, you can expel the edge get together from the jug utilizing a torque that Vita-blend independently offers. The sharp edge gets together matched with the safe base make for a steady machine amid utilize. You don’t need to stress over how quick you influence the cutting edges to turn to blend hard items into fluids. That being stated, you should make certain to be to a great degree watchful when taking care of the edges since they are so genuine and sharp. Continue cleaning with alert.

The Vitamix 5200 has turned out to ideal at mixing grains and beans into every single distinctive sort of nourishment items, similar to flour, sugars, bread scraps, and the sky is the limit from there. This will help take your cooking or heating to another level since you can make smoother, and perhaps more beneficial, fixings in your own particular kitchen when blending items like this are in many cases overrated in stores.



With the help of the VITAMIX 5200, you can prepare every course of the home cooked meal whether it is the frozen deserts or the amazing shake. The reliable device has been manufactured with the following amazing features.

  • With the help of the 64 ounces container, you can make large batches of drinks when the guests are coming
  • There are variable speed control available, it means that you can adjust the speed of the device according to your requirements and the product that you are trying to prepare
  • Within minutes the meal you are trying to prepare will be available in your glass or plate
  • The biggest attraction of the VITAMIX 5200 is that it will even allow you to pulverize the seeds with perfection. You can add the fruits with seeds and they will perfectly mix with the puree to provide you the benefits that come with them
  • You will be amazed to know that you can set the speed of the blades fast enough that it will allow you to produce the friction heat that can be used in many different forms.


Final Verdict

VITAMIX 5200 will be the perfect choice for the individuals that are looking for a sturdy and long lasting juicer blender. It is the item that will meet all your requirements. It is ideal for the professional and personal kitchen.


8.5 Total Score
Vitamix 5200 reviews

The vitamix 5200 is a healthy blender that is powerful enough to create your juiced drinks in a matter of minutes. Here we have some of the amazing benefits that you will get with the VITAMIX 5200 and A few drawbacks that you might come across in the item

  • Comes with a 2-liter jug which is good enough for handling a big family.
  • This best juicer blender has powerful motor that will allow you to blend everything in the limited time
  • It would not be wrong to say that VITAMIX 5200 is the all in one blender
  • It comes with a warranty of 7 years
  • Not only smoothies or juices you can even knead dough with the help of the blender
  • You can turn the dry ingredients like the coffee beans into powder for the best coffee
  • It is expensive and most of the people might not be able to afford the item
  • Huge size which takes extra space
  • There are no present controls available
  • It will not fit the under counter cabinets because of the tall pitcher
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